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Why do you need study abroad health/accident insurance?
Most US students have some form of medical insurance either through a parent, their college/university, or an independent agent. However, most US plans are not as comprehensive and flexible as plans that are specifically designed to cover a student during a period of study in a foreign country. Having insurance coverage that meets the unique demands of a summer, semester or year abroad is extremely important. CISI’s World Class Coverage Plan for US Students Studying Abroad, offers coverage starting at $31.00 per month for students age 25 years and younger. If over 25 years of age please click here for premium information.

The plan provides $50,000 (or optional $100,000) of coverage per injury or illness with a $100 (or optional $0) deductible, 24-hour world-wide emergency assistance access, $50,000 of combined coverage for emergency medical transportation/evacuation and return of mortal remains, and peace of mind for you and your parents!

Still not sure...?
Here are some questions to consider….Do you know if your current plan covers you while outside the US? Can your current insurer verify benefits, as well as guarantee and facilitate direct payments for medical services to foreign hospitals? In an emergency, is your current insurer available toll-free from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can they communicate in the appropriate foreign language? Does your current plan provide coverage for emergency evacuations (by ground or air ambulance) from an accident site to the nearest adequate medical facility?

Here’s what a recent CISI insured had to say about the importance of this insurance:
"I wasn't expecting to get sick during my trip to Florence. Insurance was the last thing on my mind. Fortunately, I had purchased the plan and the emergency assistance team was able to make direct hospital payments. My insurance provider at home would have never been able to pay in foreign currency. In fact, most insurance providers don’t cover you outside the U.S. The emergency assistance team was great! They guaranteed the payment so I could get the surgery I needed. I'm glad I enrolled with CISI." This testimonial came from Amy Rodia, a study abroad participant on the Florence program from AIFS.

Why CISI…?
We insure over 80,000 cultural exchange participants per year and work solely with carriers rated A or better by A.M. Best. CISI specializes in providing accident and sickness medical insurance, emergency assistance, and in-house claim and administrative services to individuals and groups engaged in international education or cultural exchange. This is where our experience lies and therefore where our focus remains. Your study abroad trip should be a safe, rewarding, and enjoyable experience. Having insurance coverage is having peace of mind. CISI has the experience to insure your cultural experience!


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