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Below are a few testimonials provided by our clients and participants. If you wish to be connected directly with references, please call us at (800) 303-8120 or email cisiwebadmin@culturalinsurance.com.

"CISI has been outstanding to work with. Their communication is proactive and their plans are clearly designed with the study abroad experience in mind." - University of St. Thomas
"CISI was very responsive and helpful as we started our international program. We had tried other insurance companies and were not successful. We had such bad experiences with others that it was hard to believe it could be so easy to work with a company." - Crossroads Community
"The service is excellent. Everyone is treated as an individual and treated with such respect. CISI professionals know our program and our specific needs. I really appreciate the details such as names of our insured students in an area of danger such as the e-mail we just received regarding the earthquake in Chile last night." - University Of Minnesota, Morris (Education Abroad and Gst)
"CISI was extremely easy and very affordable. When I found out I would not have insurance coverage for an overseas internship, I panicked. A friend recommended CISI, and I was relieved to find out how easy it was to enroll and that it would be affordable for a student doing an unpaid internship. I thankfully didn’t end up having to use it, but it definitely contributed to my peace of mind." - Student, Allison Shurilla
"We have worked with CISI for many years and they are reliable, cooperative, and helpful. It has been a pleasure being associated with them." - Lynn University
"In St. Petersburg with a poor grasp of Russian, I was obliged to go to an English-speaking clinic and was quite worried as the bills added up for my illness. CISI took care of everything without any debating about co-pays or non-covered items. They did a fantastic job that eased what could have been a very painful and stressful number of weeks. CISI should be commended for setting the bar at such a high level of human service." - Lamar University
"I have had to see CISI in action with students having a medical emergency. I have never received a complaint from students or parents about support or reimbursement problems. I am extremely pleased with CISI’s coverage." - University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
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