Worldwide Security Evacuation Benefit and Security Services

Security Evacuation Benefit

CISI's comprehensive Security Evacuation Benefit provides security evacuation coverage in the event of:

  • Expulsion from a Host Country or being declared persona non grata on the written authority of the recognized government of a Host Country;
  • Political or military events involving a Host Country, if the Appropriate Authorities issue an Advisory stating that citizens of the Insured Person’s Home Country or citizens of the Host Country should leave the Host Country;
  • Natural Disaster within 7 days of an event;
  • Verified Physical Attack or a Verified Threat of Physical Attack from a third party;
  • The Insured Person had been deemed kidnapped or a Missing Person by local or international authorities and, when found, his or her safety and/or well-being are in question within 7 days of his or her being found.

CISI also provides added personal security advice and response services via an agency of trained security specialists.

  • Weekly Pandemic Monitor: focused on infectious diseases, changes in health policies and best practices in mitigation and planning for travelers’ health and safety.
  • Monthly Intelligence Forecast: provides a more predictive assessment of near-term geopolitical, security and operational risks, allowing better planning on emerging risks on a country basis.
  • Travel Tracker Tool: interfaces with an organization’s travel itineraries and enables business managers to monitor, locate and communicate with travelers; allows alerts and other messages to be pushed directly to travelers vie e-mail, cell phone or text message.

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