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Policy Number: GLB 9111664

Welcome to Cultural Insurance Services International's (CISI) online insurance brochure and claim form access. Below you will find links to your brochure, claim form and other useful CISI contact information.

For 2011-2012 participants:
Download the 2011-2012 Brochure and Claim Form
For 2010-2011 participants:
Download the 2010-2011 Brochure and Claim Form

Translated Claim Forms

To print a claim form in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Vietnamese, please click here.

Provider Search

To access a listing of preferred physicians, hospitals and medical centers within the U.S., please click here.

How to Purchase Coverage for your Dependents

Click here to purchase accident/sickness medical coverage for your spouse, child and/or children.

How to Contact CISI

If you have any questions regarding your benefits or the claim submission process, do not hesitate to contact CISI. Please include your policy number on all communications submitted to CISI by email or mail.

To reach a CISI Claims Representative:
Phone: (800) 303-8120 ext. 5130 (calling toll-free from within the US)
(203) 399-5130 (calling from outside of the US, collect calls accepted)
Mail: Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI)
  River Plaza
  9 West Broad Street
  Stamford, CT 06902-3788

In cases of medical emergency please contact our emergency assistance provider, Team Assist:
Emergency Assistance Provider: Team Assist
Phone: (800) 472-0906 (calling toll-free from within the US)
(817) 826-7143 (calling from outside of the US, collect calls accepted)

Online Resources

Center for Disease Control
State Department
World Health Organization


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