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Welcome to Cultural Insurance Services International's (CISI) online insurance brochure and claim form access. Below you will find links to your brochure, claim form and other useful CISI contact information.

Do you need to purchase an individual insurance plan?

Students participating on one of the following six programs may use the link that follows to enroll in the UT group study abroad health insurance plan through CISI (please note that for all programs NOT listed below, you are automatically enrolled in this insurance through the UT Study Abroad Office and therefore do not need to enroll via this web page). Please contact your UT program coordinator or Heather Thompson ( at UT Study Abroad Office if you have questions. Students on the following programs are NOT automatically enrolled and therefore must purchase insurance via the "UT Austin Study Abroad Insurance Self-Enrollment Link" just below:

1. MBA students on Reciprocal Exchange
2. BBA students on Reciprocal Exchange
3. Students going on a Reciprocal Exchange administered by UT Study Abroad Office
4. Law school students
5. Students going on faculty led programs NOT administered by UT Study Abroad Office
6. Students in affiliated programs, in which health insurance is not included.

UT Austin Study Abroad Insurance Self Enrollment Link  


Need a copy of your coverage brochure or claim form?
For 2009-2010 participants:
Download the 2009-2010 Brochure and Claim Form
Download the 2009-2010 Consulate Letter

Planning to travel before or after your study abroad program?

Purchase a separate insurance plan to cover yourself for up to one month of personal travel before or after your study abroad program. Please note that this plan differs from the group plan under which you are automatically enrolled through your study abroad program. View full details of this one month plan before purchasing. Using a valid credit card, you may enroll yourself online in this plan. Upon successful enrollment, your new ID card and materials will be sent as PDFs to the e-mail address you provide.

How to Contact CISI

If you have any questions regarding your benefits or the claim submission process, do not hesitate to contact your CISI claims representative. Please include your policy number on all communications submitted to CISI by email or mail.

To reach a CISI Claims Representative:
Phone: (800) 303-8120 ext. 5130 (calling toll-free from within the US)
(203) 399-5130 (calling from outside of the US, collect calls accepted)
Mail: Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI)
  River Plaza
  9 West Broad Street
  Stamford, CT 06902-3788

In cases of medical emergency please contact our emergency assistance provider, Team Assist:

Emergency Assistance Provider: Team Assist
Phone: (800) 472-0906 (calling toll-free from within the US)
(817) 826-7143 (calling from outside of the US, collect calls accepted)

Online Resources

Center for Disease Control
State Department
World Health Organization


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