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Kennesaw State University

World Class Coverage Designed for Kennesaw State University – Business Travel Abroad

This plan is provided by Cultural Insurance Services International
and underwritten by Ace American Insurance Company

Coverage Summary for Policy # GLM N14285684

Coverages and Services Maximum Limits
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Per Insured Person
Business Traveler: $25,000
Spouse: $10,000
Per Child: $5,000
Medical expenses (per Covered Accident or Sickness):
Deductible zero
Benefit Maximum $500,000 at 100%
Extension of Benefits 30 days
Emergency Medical Reunion $10,000
(incl. hotel/meals, max $150/day)
Home Country Coverage Limit $10,000
Quarantine Benefit $2,500
Return of Minor Child(ren) $2,500
Trip Interruption $1,000
Trip Delay $500 ($100/day)
Lost Checked Baggage (deduct. $50, $100/item) $250max
Team Assist Plan (TAP): 24/7 medical, travel, technical assistance
Emergency Medical Evacuation 100% of Covered Expenses
Participants in Antarctica $250,000 max
Repatriation/Return of Mortal Remains 100% of Covered Expenses
Participants in Antarctica $250,000 max
Security Evacuation (Comprehensive)* $100,000
* Aggregate of $2.5M

Please contact Team Assist run by AXA Assistance by phone at 312-935-1703. Non-Emergency questions may be directed to CISI at 203-399-5132 (toll free 800-303-8120).

To seek recommendations for doctors or hospitals, please contact Team Assist at (01-312) 935-1703 or email *We can make appointments for you.

CISI will make every effort to pay invoices directly to medical providers. Please notify CISI by contacting TeamAssist and we will make every effort to arrange to pay the doctor or hospital directly. If you prefer to pay yourself, then we will reimburse you (you may scan/email or fax the claim information to CISI and we will process it while you are still abroad, OR you may file the claim information after your trip). The average claim processing time at CISI is 2 weeks from receipt of claim information.

Gain Access to CISI's Full Website by Creating An Account. You will use your UMD Trip ID Number. If you do not have your number, please contact CISI at

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