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CISI Marketplace

CISI, the leading provider of study abroad and international student insurance coverage, offers the following services to our customers:

Trip Cancellation & Interruption Protection for Academic Travel

The Academic Explorer insurance program, underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, protects the financial investment for educational travel both domestically and abroad. Ideal for K-12 and Higher Ed, the program provides protection for individual student travel or group travel, two or more, including students, faculty and chaperones. Learn more

Personal Property and Liability Coverage

The plan provides Personal Liability and Personal Property, Identity Theft and ATM Assault & Robbery protection for cultural exchange participants while outside the U.S. Protect your personal items such as: computers, cell phones,iPads,clothing and more! Learn more

Pharmacy Discount Cards

Save up to 75% on every FDA-approved prescription medication.The RX Relief Pharmacy Discount Card is: good on over 50,000 prescription medications, honored at over 50,000 U.S. pharmacies, available to you at no charge. Get your free discount card

International Moneycards. The safe way to pay for things abroad.

Our international moneycard allows you to pay for things safely in local currency whether it's British pounds, US dollars, Canadian dollars or Euro. With the international moneycard you can: load cash in your own currency onto your card before you go, avoid opening a foreign bank account, avoid international withdrawal fees. Learn more

International Student Exchange (ISE) Identity Cards

The ISE Card offers travelers hundreds of dollars in savings by payment of insurance deductibles, worldwide discounts and more! Our card features over 100,000 discounts worldwide, travel & medical insurance deductible reimbursement, 24 hour medical & travel assistance services, and 24 hour live travel emergency services. Airline bankruptcy protection, student airfares available and global phone card. The ISE Card is available to students of any age, faculty/teacher members and youths aged 12 to 26 years. Learn more

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