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For Parents

Why does my child need study abroad insurance?

Most U.S. students have some form of medical insurance, either through you, as their parent, their college/university, or an independent agent. However, U.S. medical insurance plans are generally not accepted outside of the United States. Nor do Social Security Medicare and Medicaid programs cover international medical costs.

Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) plans are specifically designed to cover the unique needs of students studying abroad and give you peace of mind.

Here is what our clients say about CISI Staff Support and Services


98% Recommend Us

CISI utilizes a fully automated claim payment system. Our professional, in-house staff readily serve your personal needs.


99% Say We Understand Client Needs

CISI’s user-friendly online enrollment system provides full automation for our clients who wish to enroll directly.


100% Rate Our Support as Excellent

Our experienced 24/7 Crisis Team will serve as your direct liaison during any medical, security or legal emergency with your students.

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